Sunday, 12 April 2015

UK - Remember Radon Gas?

What short memories we all have............................

What a wonderful study topic fracking would make. So many strands/threads: climate change/fossil fuels, bent politicians, greedy oil and gas men and gullible investors, sand extraction on a large scale, massive logistics, poisoned drinking water, earthquakes, property values, landscape spoilation, phoney share price elevation on the back of phoney geological 'surveys' - we could go on. Ed.

US - Wisconsin - Obscenity of sand extraction related to fracking process.

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Speaks for itself does it not. The UK for instance is already home to some of the largest limestone quarries and ( after - Thatcher ) open-cast coal mines in Europe. This could only add to the logistical chaos and visual desecration. Ed.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

French government buried report proposing alternatives to fracking. Good.

Good, because even the use of propane to release gas trapped in layers of shale would have many of the same negatives - release of methane into the atmosphere, massive logistics, disruption to communities, visual desecration and above all, it is staill the extraction and usage of yet another fossil fuel.

It would seem that ex-minister Arnaud Montebourg ( now working at Habitat ) submitted a report on the matter and government promptly buried it.

Read the report here in French:

And here, the réposte of Minister Ségolene Royal:

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